ED. 116 | OCTOBER 2005


Articles in the spotlight

With 134 magazines, the SciELO Brazil library gains more visibility and attracts new sponsors

Protect to multiply

Protection of intellectual property expands social benefits of research

The line is going to move

Decree regulates law and allows the resumption of the activities of the CTNBio

Modernized management

Regulation of the National Scientific and Technological Development Fund (FNDCT) will strengthen work of Science and Technology


Shower of Particles

Pierre Auger Observatory captures high-energy cosmic rays

Brake on corrosion

Rheumatoid arthritis does not have a cure, but the discovery of biological markers is helping to boost the treatment result

The poison on long legs inside the house

Team from Butantan tests new serum and ointment against lesions caused by brown spider bites

Invading nomad

The Taquari River changes course and permanently inundates an area of 6 thousand square kilometers in the Pantanal


High Energies

The Brazilian researchers' tools for participation in the gigantic study on subatomic particles

In the crystal's target

Probe detects tumors and assists with surgeries

An economic curtain

Plastic film developed within the Unicamp incubator blocks solar rays and reduces energy consumption

Protein insecticide

A new vegetal toxin is efficient in combating agricultural pests


The fall of the star

PT reaches power to fall into a "political purgatory". What happened?

For each head, a sentence

Referendum on weapons calls for a debate of disarmed minds