ED. 121 | MARCH 2006


Vulnerable flanks

Indicator maps the impact of climatic changes on public health in all the states

Innovation shock

The BNDES launches lines of credit and the government creates a fund to boost companies' technological development

Propitious ground

Technological parks and a bill encourage innovation in the state of São Paulo

More personnel for science

Number of scholarships granted for 2006 increases and the amounts are readjusted


The grains of time

Pollen from a crater in the city of São Paulo bears witness to climatic and environmental changes over the last 100,000 years

The genes of paper

Teams from five states identify the DNA sequencing that could turn the eucalyptus more resistant to drought and diseases

Rigor and sensibility

The electronic version of the Flora brasiliensis widens access to knowledge about Brazil's plants

United unto death

A study concerning 520,000 couples shows how intense the impact of an illnessor death of a partner can be

The tricks of HIV

Recombinant forms of the virus complicate the AIDS epidemic in Brazil


Precious details

Mammography image processing system detects cancerigenic lesions with greater precision and reduces the number of biopsies

A penetrating look

A new sensorial method using satellite images facilitates the identification of mineral deposits

Self cleaning scalpel

Ceramic coating sterilizes medical and dental instruments

Without smell and less toxic

USP researchers develop a method for the production of paints almost without smell

Deep investment

Petrobras Award reveals new systems and new professions for the petrochemical industry

Guarantee of life

A bio-medicine for babies will be produced on a large scale


President Juscelino Kubitschek

Academics point out historical excesses in romanticizing the ex-president

New São Paulo, Act I

The Municipal Theater helped in the urban and esthetic modernization of the city

The library of Babel

Edusp launches a box with two richly illustrated volumes of books by José and Guita Mindlin