ED. 143 | JANUARY 2008


A collective story

Networks of small companies are beginning to be acknowledged

Here and throughout Brazil

A survey maps the professional path of those who have received FAPESP grants

A development plan

Project for System of São Paulo Technological Complexes completed

The ABC of science

With no academic departments or schools, the new UFABC is betting on multidisciplinarity


Light at the end of the tunnel

Climate Conference outlines map of the path for fighting global warming

Powerful rivers

Fueled by global warming, variations in the rainfall pattern of the River Plate basin may create havoc in the sea winds that blow in the South and Southeast regions

A storm factory

Concentrated heat and pollution in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area lead to heavy rainfall during the week

Flight of the Phoenix

A fragment of protein linked to the control of arterial pressure could help weight loss and treat chemical dependence.

The dangers of bare earth

Separation between forests and streams helps explain the scarcity of amphibians in the Atlantic rainforest and other environments

Sea of mercury

Soil and water characteristics favor high concentrations of this metal in the River Negro basin

Grain from the past

Fossilized pollen suggests a damp climate in the Northeast 15,000 years ago


Alternative routes

Nanotechnology opens up the way for bio-compounds that will replace bones and tissues and target medical drugs

Magnetic power

Electromagnets installed in the fermentation process of sugarcane juice increase the production of ethanol

Glucose under control

Software monitors diabetes by cell phone

Fiber light

Rio de Janeiro company develops new street lighting system

Evolution of the screen

New FED monitors generate quality images while saving energy


Thinking about communication

USP postgraduate program launches publication to debate the theoretical frontiers of the subject

The Maluco-Beleza utopia

A study about Raul Seixas reveals Brazil's broad and complex counterculture movement of the sixties and seventies