ED. 157 | MARCH 2009


Wider spectrum

Program diversifies to bring researchers closer to the problems faced by SUS, the Brazilian National Health System

Sun on the plant and in the tank

Workshop organized by Bioen brings together specialists that study the use of photosynthesis as a source of energy

Atomic concertina

A project funded by FAPESP helps unveil the behavior of nanostructures

No to hierarchy

Index to classify journals covering the humanities provokes a rebellion among editors

Victory in adversity

The state capital lost industries, but innovation has preserved its economic weight, according to study


Unrestricted flow

Defined as chronic inflammation, there are new possibilities to treat atherosclerosis

Expanded protection

Anti-HVP vaccine tests on men bring about debate on who should be vaccinated

Preserved memories

Insulin protects the brain from Alzheimer

Another form of feeding itself

Bromeliads absorb nitrogen from the urine of tree amphibians

Ancient Waters and their stories

Remains of rainwater in caves help describe the climate for the last thousands of years


Fading spots

Gel made from natural latex is the most recent anti-wrinkle promise

The number of small ones is expanding

New hydroelectric power plants of up to 30 megawatts and the recovery of power plants that were closed down expands generation capacity

Night vision

Company develops camera that captures images in infrared

No attrition

Film prevents wear and tear of industrial parts and could send lubricating oils into retirement


The capitalist missionary

Nelson Rockefeller's Brazilian adventure

Lights. Camera. Where's the action?

The many difficulties faced by national movie making to become a film industry

Lobato's property

Essays analyze each of the "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo" series of books for children