ED. 162 | AUGUST 2009


Sustainable solutions

Experts from several countries meet to discuss the future of biofuels

Vulnerable megacities

Panel discusses impact of global warning on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

The language barrier

A study suggests a correlation between researchers' productivity and their competence in writing English


The risks of "red eye" flights

Airplane pilots made almost 50% more mistakes during flights in the wee hours of the morning than during other times of day

Exercises to fight apnea

Alternative therapy reduces the symptoms of respiratory sleep disturbance by 60%

Less meat, more fish

Diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids may offer protection against epilepsy

Now, the details

International collaboration starts the full sequencing of sugarcane

Tropical solution

Lizards and squirrels deal with oxygen variations during hibernation in different ways

A turbulent state

Brazilian researchers observe a new version of a quantum phenomenon

Borderless biodiversity

Computer simulation indicates that species may form without geographical isolation


Fighting the yellow dragon

Studies and solutions to fight greening, the disease that has been attacking Brazilian citriculture since 2003

Blend of metals

Orthopedic prostheses become more efficient and compatible

Saving Power

New alternative to save power by leaving electrical devices on standby

A Brazilian perspective

New monitoring camera made by Opto for Cbers-3 to be tested in China


Mortal calculations

Studies on the "diplomacy of the camps" and the "Holocaust economy" reveal the banal subtleties of evil

Reader, my friend, my equal, my brother

Sade's letters were a laboratory in which the Marquis engendered his libertarian philosophy and which reveal his modernity

An architect of change

Collection of essays transformed into a book highlights the essence of Lina Bo Bardi's humanistic thinking