ED. 166 | DECEMBER 2009


Orchestra rehearsal

Brazil's participation in clinical trials creates complex system in the research environment

Computing tools

Microsoft-Fapesp IT Research Institute call covers projects in biodiversity, bionenergy and climate change

Outstanding performance

Chinese ranking indicates USP is the 115th best university in the world

The future under discussion

Starting preparations for 4th National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation


Fighting extinction

Researchers identify priority conservation areas in the state of Pará

Under the Copenhagen banner

Studies show the evolution of greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil and the potential impact of climate change on the country's economy

Exaggerated reaction

Influenza A, H1N1 virus, the cause of swine flu, induces inflammation that destroys lung cells

The second wave and the vaccine

Countries in the Northern Hemisphere start pre-winter vaccination drive

Fast change

Income transfer and access to education are pillars in the reduction of child malnutrition in the Northeast

The colors of the night

Red lights may be healthier than blue ones

Uranus and its moons

Eclipses and occultations provide data to improve our understanding of the structure of planets

Chemistry in the air

Volatile compounds control the interaction between vegetables and insects


Recreated skin

Artificial model tests efficacy of new compounds for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Free of sand

LNLS and firm from Campinas develop filter to extract oil from the bottom of the sea

Bactericide flooring

Film with titanium oxide nanoparticles helps control infection

Alternative irrigation

USP group achieves improved sugarcane productivity by irrigating plantation with treated domestic sewage

Navigation assured

IPT modernizes lab for tests and trials in shipbuilding projects


The sadness of the tropics

Lévi-Strauss' death brings a review of his science in its wake

The black admiral and his silver battleship

The 100th anniversary of the Revolta da Chibata