ED. 178 | DECEMBER 2010


New members of the club

UNESCO report shows that more countries, Brazil included, are increasing their prominence in the world's scientific community

Leap forward is postponed

Companies are innovating more, but are hiring fewer researchers, shows Pintec

Glass Tower of Babel

Federal University of São Carlos attracts foreigners to research materials engineering. This is the fourth of a series of articles on scientific research in São Paul


Collateral damage

Medication used to treat lupus jeopardizes fertilization

The mystery about Ringo and Suflair

Asymptomatic dogs may have genes that protect them from muscular dystrophy

Centuries-old pioneer

The araucaria coniferous tree, whose lifespan averages 400 years, recovers quickly in deforested areas

Quaking earth

Recurrent earthquakes helped to shape the northeastern terrain

Life's equations

The same structure of codes unites DNA sequences and digital communicating

Gravitational kick

Fusion of galaxies expels black hole from its nucleus


Marine versatility

Seaweed may be used for cleaning up contaminated areas

Genomic express

Company provides consultancy services and genetic sequencing

Intelligent learning

Machine absorbs knowledge continuously


The city of engineers

The urban fabric of São Paulo was created by "technical and erudite knowledge"

São Paulo television, from popular to erudite

Study investigates what musical programs meant to the country

The very dissimilar Bahia

Research done in the USA reveals the rich culture in Salvador