ED. 180 | FEBRUARY 2011


Quality and experience

Special program attracts visiting professors to Unicamp from abroad

The map of light

Researchers interact with Nobel laureates and plan experiments in biology and physics


International Year of Chemistry shows the science of atoms in our daily lives

A school in orbit

Teachers and students in the State of São Paulo's coastal area build a satellite


The Milky Way revisited

The galaxy's arms may be closer and not as spiral-shaped as had been thought

Restless neighborhood

Strategy allows evaluation of the magnetic interaction between nanoparticles

Rocks along the way

Fifty-four new minerals have been found for the first time in Brazil

Late Extinction

Uruguayan fossil indicates that the terror bird disappeared shortly before the arrival of humans in the Americas

Memories of origin

The cells of the endothelium store information in the state they were in when they were extracted from the donor

Expanded short circuit

Electric over stimulation of the brain can affect the heart and lead to sudden death from epilepsy

Empty spaces in Brazilian science

Farewell Jayme Tiomno, Victória Rossetti and Lynaldo Cavalcanti

Eight-legged puppets

Wasp larvae manipulate the behavior of spiders


Genetic solutions

Transgenic mosquitoes are set free in Bahia to fight dengue fever

Accurate particles

Alternatives for the use of cells to battle diseases and to obtain more accurate diagnoses


A city built from sweat and steel

Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional was the initial test of developmentalism

Artistic madness

How the seventh art depicts mental disorders