ED. 187 | SEPTEMBER 2011


Ethanol that mobilizes the world

Conference shows the efforts of Brazil and other countries in their search for new ways to produce biofuels

Christopher Roland Somerville: Alternatives under development

Universities, companies and government take joint action to make biofuels

Brazil's "hot" articles

Study indicates the themes in which Brazilian science has achieved international visibility

Science in companies

FAPESP's strategy has influenced the landscape of innovation in Brazil


Rather similar

Neutrinos and antineutrinos actually seem to have the same mass

Jagged coastlines

Physicists try to explain why coastlines vary so much

Flavors and perfumes

Sweet, bitter and smelly compounds are the main characters in the story

Mobile nurseries

Fish reproduce and raise the young in specific parts of mangrove swamps

The dangers of fasting

Staying a long time without eating may cause serious imbalances in the organism


Innovation on a small scale

Nanoparticles fight microorganisms and improve the efficiency of adhesives

Long live the difference

Advances in the selection of coffees with unique flavors or aromas

A double dose of stimulation

Physical exercise, associated with LEDs, improves the health of post-menopausal women

Contact of the third degree

Digital platform improves the relationship of the users with the Internet

Separation agents

Sustainable solvents dissolve pulp and can be widely used in industry


The economics of appearances

Plastic surgery reinforces the ideal of the body as social capital

Civil resistance and dilemmas of culture

Research explores conflicts in the intellectual opposition to the military regime

Less perspiration and more inspiration

The creative economy may be the new way of change in the profile of production in cities