ED. 189 | NOVEMBER 2011


Partnerships without frontiers

FAPESP Week describes and strengthens the research ties between Brazil and the United States

Stable weather

From weather forecasting to global warming, FAPESP has invested in climate science

ITA’s flight

New dean takes over with the task of doubling seats at renowned engineering school


The price of longevity

Increase in life expectancy results in new problems for those who are mentally handicapped

The coating of ferns

Plants have different structures from those previously found

The hoatzin’s long journey

The origins of the Amazonian bird that only eats leaves and “ruminates” are in Africa

A compass for tsunamis

Changes in the earth’s magnetic field may give warning of the arrival of giant waves

Hurricane watching

Study explains the formation and development of cyclones along the Brazilian coast

Seeking creativity

Education, science, technology and innovation should be seen in an integrated way

From theory to practice

Two-way streets link research and industry

Why Uranus spins sideways

Crashing into two large objects has tilted the rotation axis of the planet by 98°


Versatile machine

Less soil compression and access to steep land are innovations in the harvesting of sugarcane

Sustainable charcoal

New system produces raw material cleanly within eucalyptus plantation

Biological traps

Neotropical brown stinkbug can be monitored with a synthetic pheromone developed by Embrapa

Health reagents

Company investigates the development of input for scientific research


The war of the Rosas

The experience of saving Jews in Nazi Germany marked the life and work of Guimarães Rosa and his wife, Aracy

The optimistic rebel

Questioning common sense, economist Antônio Barros de Castro foresaw the direction Brazil was moving in and its needs

The new home of modernism

The “booming” pioneership of Warchavchki reveals tensions from the Brazilian avant-garde

The mutineers of the Empire

Popular participation in nineteenth century uprisings was greater than is thought