ED. 202 | DECEMBER 2012


Telling a good story

Editors use a set of strategies to increase the impact and visibility of their publications

Vigilant Leadership

Report proposes actions to strengthen the quality of US research universities

Brazil on the horizon

Europeans seek partnerships for new program to support science and innovation


Hard of hearing, but a good head

African dinosaur was hard of hearing but had agile skull movement for self defense

The brightly colored umbrellas of plants

A study of their molecular dynamics proves that natural color protects leaves from excessive light

Reinforced toxicity

More neurons are killed by using crack than by using cocaine

Traces of miscegenation

Human virus reflects migrations between various ethnic groups in the state of Pará


Perfume from the Amazon

The use of leaves and branches increases rosewood oil production by 25%

Cities of the Future

Smart grids bring together power sources and data, creating new possibilities for consumers

More than just oil

BP concludes agreements to improve ethanol production and prepare for the second generation

Resistant gypsum

New blocks made from by-products left over from fertilizer production are a low-cost option for home building


The patriarch of science

The ideas of José Bonifácio were marked by the close bond between statesman and naturalist

Iron and fire

Pioneering experiences with iron at Fábrica Real de Ferro de Ipanema left lessons about bold approaches

Explaining, only to confuse

In the 1970s, MPB found different ways to re-create tropicalistic experimentation

Five decades of ecological conscience

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is 50 years old and remains an environmental literature classic