ED. 208 | JUNE 2013


A Path in the Snow

Experts identify five topics as focal points for Brazilian science on the frozen continent


The reverse path

A study indicates that trees in the Mantiqueira Range capture water through their leaves and transport it downwards to the ground

Ramifications of sugarcane

Small RNA molecules control lateral stem growth in sugarcane

Open-air laboratory

The Cerrado, the world’s most diversified tropical savannah, holds a little-explored universe of molecules with commercial potential

Star archeology

Survey identifies three patterns of galaxy evolution

Quantum gambling

The 2012 Nobel Prize Winners speak of the challenges of developing a new computer concept and creating a GPS to predict earthquakes

A sharp eye on biodiversity

Evolutionary outlook and expeditions to the Amazon set zoologist Paulo Vanzolini’s scientific work apart


From bagasse to innovation

In the midst of an industry crisis, companies are investing in technology to increase ethanol production

Sophisticated packaging

Industry invests in innovation to offer safer, better-quality, more convenient products to consumers

Digital Autopsy

A new contrast injector and a high-power MRI help ascertain causes of death

Enhanced mobility

System will enable the severely paralyzed to drive a wheelchair with their facial muscles


The human ark in a deluge of data

Workshop discusses potential of eScience and affirms important role of the humanities

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Teaching an updated history of science could be the best way to help students understand chemistry

Glauber Rocha with a French accent

The Bahian filmmaker and international criticism opened a dialogue that helped internationalize New Cinema