ED. 210 | AUGUST 2013


Competitive Science

Internationalization of São Paulo research is enhanced by the arrival of FAPESP grantee post-doctoral researchers from abroad

Reconstructed Trajectories

Group evaluates FAPESP programs and shows where grant recipients supported by the Foundation came from and where they went after completing their projects

Multiple views

Biodiversity report faces the challenge of integrating regional data with global, and traditional knowledge with scientific


No breath to catch

Respiratory tract alterations thwart improvement in cases of severe asthma

Direct flight

Kinship between birds reveals a connection between the Amazon and Atlantic forests at two moments in the past

It’s a stick, it’s a stone

Petrified plants reveal the look of the landscape 300 million years ago in what are now the states of Tocantins and São Paulo

Geographer of the Amazon’s cities

Bertha Becker promoted innovative ideas and established a broad view of the North of Brazil

Danger near Pluto

Brazilians are involved in assessing risk for the space probe New Horizons

The Voynich manuscript

Brazilian physicists propose that text in a manuscript written in an unknown language have meaning


Wings from the South

Two new airplane manufacturers build factories in Santa Catarina

Remote observation

The artisanal task of field research gains momentum using cameras and computer programs

Floating over the terrain

Study contributes to development of tires that reduce compaction of agricultural soil


A Taste for Diplomacy

Brazilians show increased interest in developments in foreign policy

In search of the FEB's “good war”

Historians point out that the FEB left a legacy of civic engagement