ED. 217 | MARCH 2014


High-level partnerships

FAPESP Week Germany recognizing the closer ties between FAPESP and the Max Planck Society

Promising structures

Database of chemical compounds from Brazilian biodiversity gains recognition


Birds of the Atlantic Forest

New survey indicates that the Atlantic Forest biome is home to 891 species of birds, one-quarter of which are endangered

In the marshes of the Alto Tietê

New bird species is the first to occur exclusively in areas of the state of São Paulo

The value of nature

Conference Cycle lectures defend the importance of ecosystem services associated with biodiversity

Artificial photosynthesis

Lab-made molecules mimic the energy production mechanism of plants

Preventive check

Test evaluates sensitivity of tumor cells to drugs and the likelihood of the cancer returning

Under the Moon's influence

The Moon's gravitational force causes perturbations in the Earth's atmosphere, causing interference in satellite communications


Software made in Brazil

Brazilian firms are winning over clients in many countries

Flow restored

Partnership between university researchers and Braile Biomédica has developed a heart valve implant


Neo-Zapatista demonstrations

A study examines the ways in which net-activists interact, the digital networks, and territoriality

To become more informative

Two new studies, one by Unicamp and the other by the Academy of Sciences of Bahia, enhance the understanding of the public perception of science in Brazil

Books for a new world

Production by Belgian publisher Plantin-Moretus supplied culture and information to the Iberian peninsula and its colonies between the 16th and 18th centuries.