ED. 219 | MAY 2014


Overcoming barriers

FAPESP Week Beijing brings together researchers from Brazil and China

The strength of endowments

Universities are beginning to invest money contributed by alumni and entrepreneurs


Depression due to inflammation

Dysregulated immune processes may be related to some cases of depression

Identity clarified

New methodology can differentiate the structures of low- and ultra-low-molecular-weight heparins and explain how they act as an anticoagulant

The origin of the Cerrado

Divergent evolutionary histories have changed the appearance of the present-day savannahs and will affect potential responses to climate change

It’s more expensive without forests

Deforestation increases water treatment costs 100-fold

The bones of the Earth

Satellite outlines the densest regions on the Earth's surface


At a new frequency

Telescope developed in São Paulo will detect solar flares in the terahertz range from a stratospheric balloon

At the speed of light

Padtec is counting on innovation to help it become a global provider of optical communications systems

The game plan

Electronic clipboard brings innovation for soccer coaches

Resonance in food

In a joint effort, Embrapa and FIT are developing equipment for instant analysis of fruit, meat, and olive oils


Slave and abolitionist

After being sold into slavery by his father, Luiz Gama transformed his personal story into a fight for abolition and the Republic

A revolution in TV soap operas

With the digitization of TV Tupi archives, it is now possible to reassess the importance of Beto Rockfeller