ED. 226 | DECEMBER 2014


Collective Creativity

Brazilian companies share risks and costs with multiple partners in research and development projects

Trying not to be overlooked

Researchers discuss partnerships in search of drugs to treat neglited diseases that are of little interest to pharmaceutical companies


Transcontinental mountain range

A chain of mountains that formed 610 million years ago may have triggered the evolution of complex life on Earth

Spin engines

Brazilians discover how to measure energy variations in atomic nuclei

The protective effect of biodiversity

Experiment indicates that a greater number of amphibian species helps deter the transmission of a fatal fungal disease

Vegetarian vampire

Mite transmits a virus that causes disease in orange trees when it feeds on cell juice

Master of the scalpel

Adib Jatene was responsible for landmark achievements in experimental medicine and victories for public health


Artificial skin

Skin replacements could be used as grafts to treat burns and severe lesions

Multiplying targets

Company develops system for more rapid identification of bacteria that cause hospital infections

Fatal interactions

Carbon nanotubes combined with lead or pesticides increase toxic effects on fish

Natural Fertilizer

Leguminous plant used as fertilizer can increase sugarcane production by 35%


Riding the globalization wave

America’s first scientific expedition to circumnavigate the globe showcases a young nation in search of its place in the world from the early 19th century

Bigger and More Diversified

Graduate-degree programs award one master’s degree in philosophy every day and are including topics like neuroscience and climate change

The mechanical man

Award-winning thesis suggests that prostheses for amputees and exoskeletons bring back the cyborg ideal