ED. 236 | OCTOBER 2015


With the help of science

International experiences inspired the government of São Paulo to create the position of scientist-in-chief in state government departments

Watch out for the tide

Report proposes limits on use of indicators to evaluate science in Great Britain

Clouded visions

A recent study says that young Brazilians look to cultural and religious sources to explain the evolution of human beings because they are poorly educated on the subject


The origin of the seedeaters

Studies capture the process through which 11 species of a South American bird group emerged

Inseparable partners

Symbiotic associations between protozoa and bacteria help elucidate the origin of cellular organelles

Allies for an antidotal serum

Medicinal plants may reduce local lesions caused by a jararaca snakebite

The fault that started it all

Research studies identify how a large fault in Brazil’s crustal framework influenced the formation of the sedimentary basins of the Paraná and Parnaíba Rivers

Light’s secrets

An experiment shows that quantum information transmitted by photons is resistant to air turbulence effects

Alternative route

The discovery of a two-star, high-mass system undergoing fusion indicates that they underwent a different evolutionary path


Transgenic goats

Animals receiving human genes produce proteins in milk that can treat diseases

Winged production

Companies develop methods for breeding insects for pollination and pest control

Versatile power plants

Water reuse in a hydroelectric system would increase the supply of electricity to São Paulo and the Baixada Santista metro area of São Paulo State

Advanced Testing

Spectra designs and builds flight simulators for Brazilian military aircraft and testing laboratories for the automobile industry


Violence, fear and stigma

Researchers from several fields are using historical surveys and DNA tests to bring families separated by Hansen’s disease back together

China’s eyes and ears

Films by director Jia Zhang-ke gain a global audience with their critical view of China

Changing times

Glut of online news is reorganizing the spaces and roles of science journalism