ED. 57 | SEPTEMBER 2000


A diversified and very promising market

The center for Ceramic Materials will invest in the preparation of professionals who handle ceramics

In focus, the urban problems of São Paulo

The Center for Metropolitan Studies is seeking to research and propose solutions for the metropolitan region

Medicines from snake poison

Center for Applied Toxicology to do research into the pharmaceutical use of animal toxins

Investigating genetic disorder

Center for Studies of the Human Genome is to research genetic illnesses and increase family support programs

The key to new medicines

Center for Structural Molecular Biology will create demands for R&D in the pharmaceutical industry

Tightening the ring around a powerful enemy

Center for Research and Treatment of Cancer will use information provided by the Genome Cancer Project

Concentration of income and violation of civil rights

Center for Studies of Violence will analyze the Relation between violence and poverty and impunity

The use of cells in the treatment of illnesses

Center for Research of Cellular Therapy brings the relationship with the public sector closer together

Shedding more light on various areas of knowledge

Center for Research into Optics and Photonics to develop projects with state of the art technology

For a better quality of sleep

Center for Sleep Studies will invest In the development of new technologies

Partnership Brazil-USA moves ahead

Joint work with the Americans enters a more ambitious phase


A treasure on the banks of São Francisco River

Recent discoveries confirm the dunes of the São Francisco River as a unique area for the study of the formation of new species in Brazil

Natural insect bank

Collection of fungi, viruses and bacteria help combat agricultural pests

An advance in the study of peptides

Work of Brazilian group is internationally recognized

Alcohol increases accidents and general violence

The presence of drugs in the injured treated at the Hospital das Clínicas

Skin pigmentation in batteries

Compounded with melanin increases the useful life of electronic devices


Thin, sensitive and selective mixture

Research produces filters through the junction of metallic oxides and cellulose

Controlled by factory noise

Company develops sensors to control industrial machines

Leadership in luminous signals

New multiplexer leads equipment industry to dominate 60% of the market


Men are (still) in charge

Study shows how unemployment affects the structure of the family