ED. 59 | NOVEMBER 2000


A revolution in the postdoctoral system

New policy gives priority to postdoctoral grants in the country, extends their length and reformulates interchange with research centers abroad

Support for public policies

Approved projects consolidate partnerships and begin research

International agreements

Germany, France and Argentina agree on technological partnership

Partners in research into the Xylella

Researchers intend to decipher the genetic code of another two bacteria


Spy hole sees the position of the atom

A laboratory in Campinas using very high resolution microscopes is consolidates and winning international praise

Genes against leukemia

Hemo-center in São Paulo develops techniques for improving diagnosis

Set to sail

After two years in the yards for repair, our oceanographic ship returns to the high seas

Algae at depth

Project completes four decades of mapping the species in São Paulo


Car manufacturers vs. Dragonflies

Eggs leave a strong stain on cars: award-winning research has the answer

A national standard for honey

Research by Esalq may help in the growth of the sales of the product

A laser in the interior of the human body

A catheter of optic fibers identifies and cures heart diseases and cancer

Ipen launches ultra-pure iodine -123

A radioactive isotope detects the presence of tumors and alterations in the thyroid gland


Strategies in maintaining a marriage

A survey shows how women lead in day-to-day matrimony

Environmental education against poverty

A project helps to improve the living conditions in communities