ED. 61 | JANUARY 2001


Reaping the benefits

Landmarks and new targets for scientific research are announced

Community of interests

ConSITec will bring together researchers and companies in common projects

Brazil on the web

Agreement connects researchers to NSF at a high-speed

SinBiota will aid public policies

The system will foresee the impact of changes to biodiversity


A method for measuring shade

Survey looks into five species of tree planted in urban areas and points out which are the most appropriate to provide to the inhabitants

Orestes deciphers the drosophila (fruit fly)

Group in Ribeirão Preto discovers 91 genes of the model insect thanks to a Brazilian technique

Mystery among rodents

Apparently identical species differ in the number of chromosomes

Healthy Math

Simple mathematical tools and statistics help prevent and control epidemics

Bovine gene yields medications

Studies on the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) suggest therapeutic potential

Microscope maps channels on living cells

Device shows the way in and out of substances in organisms and paves the way for more efficient medications

On the Graviton wave

Brazil joins the race to capture gravitational waves from the Cosmos


In the path to innovation

Brazilian industry develops new products for research projects

We already have laser radar

Young Researcher Program Project presents the first equipment made by Brazilians to measure particles suspended in the air

CD-ROM helps the disabled

Company taking part in the PIPE develops evaluating and teaching software

Charcoal reduces cholesterol in eggs

Hens get modified feed and produce healthier eggs


Production in the interior of the state, management in the state capital

Study suggests that moving companies to the interior leads to a “deconcentration” of companies in the State, but decision-taking remains in the capital