ED. 93 | NOVEMBER 2003


The battle of the transgenics

Controversy about RR soybeans heats debate about biotechnology

Back to the field

Resolution makes researchers' access to genetic patrimony easier

Obstacles overcome

Foundation meets all the demand from the researchers

Positive balance

Bitter measures in 2002 have allowed FAPESP to resume investments in 2003


Antivirus Fortresses

High security laboratories give the country autonomy in research into emergent diseases

Another suspect in the sights

New species of virus may be the cause of citrus sudden death

The webs of intelligence

Capacity for memorizing information enables spiders to perfect their instinctive hunting habits

Hidden wealth in the backlands

Diversity of specific species and particular phenomena are undoing prejudices about the Caatinga

Wings from the past

Fossils of a mini-condor and a giant bird reconstitute the prehistory of winged beings in Brazil

Before the storm

Ultrarapid radiation pulses precede gigantic particle jets launched by the Sun


Dribbling past the radar

Shielding makes military aircraft imperceptible to detection and eliminates electromagnetic interference

The force of the current

Hydraulic turbine takes electricity to isolated riverine communities

Fibers under examination

Company produces equipment that monitors optic network devices for the foreign market

Radical sterilization

Microorganisms are eliminated with plasma-based equipment at a low temperature


The enchanting soul of the stages

Thesis revisits the theatrical militancy of João do Rio and his "reports from the aisles"

The roots of Sérgio Buarque

Centenary of the historian takes his dissertation for a master's degree out of limbo

Chica da Silva without an X

Book shows that the myth of the slave-queen hides the hypocrisy of Brazilian racial democracy